Disposable Protective Shield for Eyebrows & Eyelashes (50pc)


Disposable Eyebrow/Eyelash Protective Shield/Visor for Showers

Quantity: 50 pc/shields

These visor shields are plastic disposable shields to help your client protect their eyebrows/eyelashes/eyeliner from water contact in the shower. They are the perfect addition to your permanent makeup aftercare kits. 



  • PERFECT solutions for your clients - these visors are the perfect solutions to your client's #1 concern, which is how to avoid water contact during the healing process/aftercare. These shields help your client avoid water contact after permanent makeup, microblading or eyelash extension procedures. 
  • Easy to use - remove the white adhesive strip and adhere to face right above the eyebrows. 


These disposable shower shields are made with highly-transparent and durable plastic and adhesive strips that is gentle on the skin.